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Discussion in 'Money & Finance' started by motorola, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. motorola

    motorola New Member

    Hi, As of now, 22 Jan 2014 8.30pm, I AUD buys about 0.886 USD. So far, all the money changers I found only give at most 0.85 USD. Does anyone know moneychanger with decent exchange rate for USD? thanks

  2. Moneycorp currency transfers
  3. Keith & Linda

    Keith & Linda Member

    Afraid not, the rate normally stated is the bank rate, the tourist rate is always 4 or 6 cents lower, also be aware of fees/charges as well as the exchange rate.
    I now have a 28 degrees credit card, its a fee free card, has some of the best exchange rates and if you load it up then you can draw cash out anywhere and not get charged a cash advance fee, though you still need to be aware that there could be ATM fees, so larger withdrawals will limit the number of fees. I got this card after having nothing but trouble with those travel cards you pre load.
  4. Who have you tried? I have used ozforex since I have been in Australia - I also have a deal with them through my website for you to get two free transactions. Let me know if you want more details.
  5. motorola

    motorola New Member

    I mostly deal with major banks like comm*nwealth or citib*nk. and I just checked in comm*nwealth website
    look for "FX Converter" link in the left bottom section of the page, they only offer .8368 USd per 1 AUD. what a terrible rate!!

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