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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by tamat, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. tamat

    tamat New Member

    I know there are already threads on this topic but they're many many years old. Im after some 'current' information regarding the best or worst primary schools around the Coomera, Upper Coomera, Pimpama, Ormeau, Hope Island areas. Ive researched their websites and every school website says their school is the best. Not keen on Naplan tests. Just personal experiences on the schools. Ive heard a lot of bad things about the high schools in these areas and as useful as they are, I'm mainly after primary schools for grade 5 and 6. Either private or public. Pref public. And maybe on living in these areas as well. Ive read conflicting things here too, (high crime rates etc) but again, many many years old. Any info I can get would be much appreciated as this can be quite traumatic for a 10 year old to change schools after being at the same one for all these years. Thank you

  2. Tina2

    Tina2 New Member

    Hi, Give Upper Coomera State college and Ormeau State Primary a miss.
    Coomera Rivers State School (primary) is quite good but you have to live in the catchment and it has a high number of rentals. Norfolk Village State School is also not to bad. There is a brand new Pimpama State Primary Collage only opened this year so dont get confused with Pimpama State School. Being new it is still very small but will grow and though they say the numbers will be capped with the growth in the area it could well end up like the other local primary school with over 2000 primary children.
    Lots of private schools in the area. St. Stephens, and Coomera Anglican College are both good schools and well established, and many grades have a wait list. Give Livingstone College a miss. There is Assisi Catholic College who's fees are half that of Coomera Anglican and St Stephens but that is normal for catholic schools. There is also Lords which is a Lutheran college and now 4 years old. Its numbers will be capped at 1000. Still lacks some facilities like a swimming pool, or gym, but the place is under constant construction, and getting a name for itself in being a caring school with good academic results and very resonable fees.
    Also just round the corner from Lords is Kings Christian College, brand new only opened this year and I think it is only Prep to Year 4 next year, but will be a very good school as it is a campus of Kings College at Reedy Creek. (Pimpama Campus first building )
    There are no schools on Hope Island but it is a nice place to live and not that far to drive to schools in Coomera. That whole area of coomera, pimpama, ormeau is high rental and not every tenant looks after there place. Having said that there are pockets that are owner occupied, so you really need to get in the car and drive around, you will soon see the good and not so good areas. The advantage of a private school is you can live anywhere you like and still send your child to the school you like best, where as with the state schools you must live in the catchment.

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