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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Morley's, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. The Morley's

    The Morley's New Member

    Hi all

    I know this has most likely been written many times but feedback would be much appreciated.
    We are currently in Adelaide and have been here nearly 5 years. We have some great friends and Nina the better half is a nurse and I run my own carpet cleaning business, so work wise we have done ok and can relocate. We are just not settling here and it's for the same reasons as many have put on here previously; a lack of things to do, especially with young kids, cold winters, too quiet etc.
    We have a 13 year old and 3 year old twins so we love to just get out to the beach, markets, places with animals etc. I like a game of golf and my fishing.

    We are coming for a look in October and are staying at Coolum Beach for seven days.
    What we would like feedback on if possible is -
    Good safe family areas to live which are in our price range $400-£500k for a 4-2-2. We have been looking at the Coolum area as it's seems pretty well priced and just north of the SC seems to get good feedback, we like the look of Marcus beach etc but they seem too pricey for us.
    Good high schools as it is imperative that we get our eldest 13 year settled.
    Are there any pom meet ups where we could meet up with people whilst we are there?
    Close to a decent hospital.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. carlhall

    carlhall Member

    Hi, I am a bit further up the coast at Hervey Bay, I think you will find a big difference living over this side and hopefully a more positive life style. We have a few members on the Sunshine coast and hopefully they will see the post and give more advice. Your job prospects should be fine, I know they always seem to be advertising for nurses up our way and carpet cleaners will always be employed with the amount of rentals that must have the carpets cleaned when you move on. If you do not get many responses then try our parent site

    I hope you get the info you need and manage to sort out what you want.

  3. Funny enough, we are considering relocating too (from Adelaide). We have been here 5 years, and have similar reasons to yourselves. A family of 6 (kids 9,7,2,1), and have been a couple of times on vacation and just feel there is a bit more to do and the cost of living doesn't seem much different (though others tell us it's FAR more expensive).
  4. Hi in terms of schools if you are looking for private then Sunshine Coast Grammar School is billed as one of the best but has fees of about $10000 per annum for a child in year 7 onwards. Pelican Water also has a good private school. For state schools - Aldridge SHS is good at maryborough (not sure if that is too far up for you). There are plenty of church schools also on the sunshine coast that are getting good results and would be cheaper than the private schools mentioned before. Use this link to browse through the ratings of the schools in the suburbs you are thinking about
  5. The Morley's

    The Morley's New Member

    Thanks Shelley
    We have had a quick look at the rankings but its hard when you are not sure where you will end up living.
    We like the look of Cooloum beach as its not as expensive as the Marcus beach/noosa areas and it has the Coolum chrisitan college which is more in our price range. The privates at $10000 a year are a bot of a stretch for us.
  6. The Morley's

    The Morley's New Member

    where are you in Adelaide?
    which areas have you been on the sunshine, which did you like?
    we are off to Coolum beach in 2 months, cant wait..
  7. The Morley's

    The Morley's New Member

    thanks Carl, sorry for the late reply
  8. You're trip will hopefully give you a great insight - However, I would have thought just south of maroochydore would have given Nina a better chance of finding a position as their seems to be more options of hospitals and medical centers from Maroochydore and to the south (which would reduce the commute although coolum beach is only 20 mins from maroochydore itself). I have friends that live in Kawana Waters and they like it there (they used to live in Brisbane and don't find it too quiet there). What I would say is use your time on your reccie to do the things that you think you would do on a normal day to day basis - do the commute to one of the likely hospitals that Nina might work, do dummy runs to the local schools which may be via the childcare centre for the twins. You should find plenty to do as this area is where tourists come - but again you might find coolum beach a little quiet for you so test a few other suburbs while you are there.
  9. The Morley's

    The Morley's New Member

    Thanks for that.
    We are looking at Caloundra as it has a A+E hospital, a good Christian and catholic private schools which are in our price range and also a nice looking suburb called little mountain only 5 mins away and within our budget. like you say when we get there we will have a much better idea, but its always good to do some homework for sure...
  10. lesleybruck

    lesleybruck Member

    Hi we live in buderim on the sc, we love it here for the reasons you have mentioned, beach, sun, sea, fishing etc, my boys are 13, 7 and 3. My eldest goes to chancellor state college he loves it there and has settled so well. My other son goes to buderim mountain state school, he also loves it there but its taken him more time to settle to australian life. We have been here 18 months and would not live anywhere else we feel we are right in the middle of it all, brisbane an hr away, gold coast hour and a half. Great schools, great places to visit especially the beautiful beaches, the zoo, lovely towns. If you do move this way give me a message an we can chat some more, hope your trip went well.
  11. The Morley's

    The Morley's New Member

    Hi Lesley
    Thanks for the reply.
    We got back from the SC 2 months ago and loved it. Our 13 year old girl decided straight away (even though she loves school etc here) that it was the place for her. We also loved it so it was difficult to make the decision to move out there. We have lose ends to tie up and a business to sell so we will be relocating in December 2015.
    We are looking at Mountain Creek which is not far from you guys, we went to Buderim it was lovely. It looks like it could have a good community feel about it.
    It would be great to meet up with people once we are out there.
    Marcus and Nina
  12. Peekay

    Peekay New Member

    I hope you guys made it work and are happy.
    We are in damn near the exact same situation as the OP and I would love to know if your move has been a success?
    Please let me know here on this forum or at
    Eternally hopeful

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